PLS 6.150D


The third and final of the PLS CO2 laser platform series is the PLS 6.150D. The PLS 6.150D includes an 18″ x 32″ work-space with 9″ of Z clearance for laser etching, engraving, and cutting.

Unlike it’s two predecessors in the PLS series (PLS 4.75 and PLS 6.75), the PLS 6.150D is compatible with up to 150 Watts of laser power.

This system is for those looking to improve throughput relative to cutting applications 3/8″ – 1/2″ and under, or looking for the capability to cut through materials closer to 1/2″ – 3/4″. The PLS 6.150D, with the use of Universal’s Dual Laser Configuration, is compatible with SuperSpeed for faster throughput relative to engraving. This system takes full advantage of some proprietary technology only available to Universal Laser Customers.

We have found that the most common applications for use with the PLS 6.150D apply within the fields of Architecture and Architectural Modeling, Awards, Higher Education, Industrial, High Volume Engraving Shops, and Signage.

The PLS 6.150D is compatible with the following most popular accessories:

For Cutting:

  • Honeycomb Cutting Table
  • Air Assist

For Throughput Relative to Engraving Applications:

  • SuperSpeed

For More Precision & More Accurate:

  • High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO)
  • Collimator

For Cylindrical Objects:

  • Rotary Fixture

Uniquely Universal Features

Laser Interface+™
Universal Laser Systems has developed the world’s most advanced,
powerful and flexible laser print driver.
1-Touch Laser Photo™
We developed this software to make any photographic image suitable for
laser engraving.
Universal Laser Sources
Our exclusive line of patented CO2 Free-Space Gas Slab Lasers is designed
specifically for the needs of laser cutting, engraving, graphic imaging and
marking applications.
High Power Density Focusing Optics™
These optics allow the laser beam to be focused to a much smaller spot,
producing sharper images at tighter tolerances.
Rapid Reconguration™
Every laser cartridge we produce is factory pre-aligned for easy integration
into any of our laser platforms.
Dual Laser Conguration
Giving you the ability to merge two independent laser sources into a
single beam for additional power and flexibility.
This innovation pulses the two lasers independently, allowing for two
lines of a raster image to be marked simultaneously.

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